Saturday, September 1, 2007

About the Greatest Gift Foundation

Launched in October, the new Greatest Gift Foundation [501(c)(3) pending] harnesses the power of social media and human connections to support living organ donors with the emotional, social, financial, and ethical issues they face throughout their donation experience. We also promote the living donation option to lower-income transplant candidates, helping to get more people the life-saving organs they need in time.

It was founded by Twin Cities resident Becky Waller, who donated a portion of her liver to her younger brother, Joe, in January 2006 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. (Both are healthy and productive today and involved in the organ donation cause.)

The Greatest Gift Foundation does not yet have a Web site, but a wealth of content and information on the living donor experience can be found at Becky's personal blog, Chopped Liver, at The funds we raise at the Jingle Jangle 2007 will enable us to launch the official Web site (and the hub of our support activities) at

We look forward to celebrating our launch with you as we toast to this great cause at the Jingle Jangle on December 8!